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Buying your bridal gown in a bridal shop v online

This is a great topic as i am seeing so much at the moment of what should i do. There are more reasons to buy in s bridal shop than online. As a bride looking online just like myself we always go to the internet to browse to see what is out there and to find a perception of your dream dress at the best price and think that's perfect however:

Buying online

There can be charges to pay especially as alot of them are not made in the UK.

Key questions to ask yourself are:

  • What if it doesn't look like it does online

  • What happens if it doesn't fit

  • Returning items- do they return my item and if so what fees can incur.

I can tell you from personal experience i did my measurements got my dress delivered which i had to pay further taxes on the day it was delivered and it was too small and wasn't able to return it. I had to spend alot of money on alterations that i would have had i gone to a bridal shop.

Bridal Store

There are so many benefits these include a wider selection of dresses to choose from to be able to establish a style and fit that you would prefer. The fitting of different dresses will vary depending on your body shape as no one is the same and also the designer who makes the dress. If you don't find your dream dress in the first bridal shop don't get upset just keep looking and trying because at the end of the day its free to be able to try on different dresses without waiting for items to be returned and refunds. You can also try dresses on in a boutique that you can take your dress home the same day.

When having a fitting to find the dream dress you will usually find that you will have 3 dress fittings along the way to your wedding date you will spend less on your dress alterations this will allow you to be able to spend more on your dress.

Most brides will have a idea of what they think they want but 9/10 times you will try dresses on and your dream dress will be different to what you think you want. This can't always be the case when you buy online.

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