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Top Tips On Buying Your Wedding Dress

4 June 2021

Tips on buying your wedding dress When buying your wedding dress it’s as important as the wedding venue. The dress is what will make you a bride and the superstar of the day. You want to make sure you get the best experience as this will make or break you buying the dress customer service is at its finest. I’ll go on to explain the 5 most important things when buying your dream dress: 1. Always try and wear nude underwear the morning of going to try dresses on. This will seem a strange thing no matter what colour dress you buy nude will not show through on any dress especially if your body conscious. (not only that you don’t want dark undies showing under a white dress) 2. Try not to go in with tunnel vision of that’s the exact dress you want and nothing else. Always keep an open mind, I say this purely because you generally go in thinking you want one type of dress and come out with another can be for many different factors. Some of these would be the fit of your vision dress, body shape, colour of fabric, length of the dress. I remember going in wanting a big princess dress and came out with a knee length semi princess with a long veil. 3. Finances when going into a bridal shop it’s like being a child in a sweet shop but if you have set your financial limit you need to be firm with yourself as it’s not just the dress in a bridal shop to factor in its your veil, shoes, tiara depending on the style of wedding you’re going for. Unless you have already bought your accessories and I would then advise you take them with you it will help you choose your dream dress. 4. Don’t be upset if you try dresses on in the first shop and don’t find the one. Sometimes for brides its can take the first shop and 3 dresses but for other brides it can take 2-3 shops to find the right one. At the end of the day I mentioned this earlier but I really do have to stress that it is one of the top 3 most important things in a wedding and you have to be comfortable and be in love with the dress or it will come to your wedding day and you won’t be the happy bride as you will feel uncomfortable if you just settle for it. I’ve heard it so many time before. 5. Take tissues with you. When you do find the dream dress there is a higher chance you will shed a tear. This doesn’t apply to everyone and even the people that think it really doesn’t apply to them I can assure you it will happen. It really is the most magical day.

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