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How to create your finances for a fun and romantic wedding uk.

When creating your finances for your wedding a lot of people get the levels of how much you should spend and what on wrong. I want to share a few things with you to give you a little guidance on where to start and what should be priority

Where to start?

The easiest way is to work out how many people you want to invite and how many bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys you’re going to have. Once you know how many people you ideally would like this gives you an idea of what you need to provide. Lots of couples say bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses and then you pay for their hair and make-up.

If your having a hotel wedding you will get the option of having a sit down 3 course menu and a evening buffet or 2 buffets. Personally the 2 buffets will work out more expensive but its your own preference.

Once you have worked out that information you then need to find out unless you already know is the family contributing towards any costs could be the venue, dj, brides dress. Once you know this information you can take those costs out and you then know what you have got.

What’s important?

The finances that are going to be the highest are going to be the following:


-Photographer and videographer


-Bar depending on your venue if it’s a barn wedding or an outside wedding you would need to hire a portable bar

There are lots of things just below that list as some people would go well where things on the list are rings, suits. These are important but the above is what’s going to make the wedding happen and they are core things that you will always remember 10 years from your wedding day.

After the above list your next things would be:

- Rings

- Suits

- Cake

- Dress

- Decorations

The list then continues.

Getting everything right is crucial because once the day is over you want you as a couple to go wow that was amazing but also your guests, family to say that was a amazing day and you have good quality photos and video to be able to watch the day back again and again. If you go cheap you won’t get that quality you deserve.

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