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How To Start Planning Your Wedding

When you get engaged alot of couples dive straight in and then think what am i doing. This is perfectly normal, to start planning there are some simple key points to start planning your romantic love story.

  1. Start with a mood board this will tie together all your ideas, colour schemes and what your looking to achieve based on ideas. When looking at something visual this gives you a great way of narrowing your vision with needs and wants to transform it into your love story.

  2. Choose a date, many factors can be influenced by your decision. These can be influenced by different reasons. Seasons and weather even though English weather can be unpredictable. Summer months would be Peak season and venues are more expensive than non peak seasons.

  3. Find a Venue and Photographer. These are the top suppliers you will need which makes them the most popular to book. In order to guarantee dates this is why they are priority of your to do list.

Some couples would now either bring in a planner or it may have been before now. This can also depend on how large the guest list is. A planner can come into your wedding at any point. A wedding planner is there to become your best friend and a help to creating all your dreams.

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