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Key colours for key seasons in the UK

We have 4 seasons and when it comes to florists that can be a tough and costly job if the flowers aren’t in season. In this info blog for you I’m just going to go over what colours are at key seasons. Some will want a key colour in the relevant season and some will want it in a different season to be different. There is no right or wrong I do have to add, it’s all about personal preference.


- Key colours are: Warm greens, yellows, orangey red, peach pinks and a light shade of brown to beige. Every year fashion has a massive affect to colours but they will always stay the key colours as we have come out of gloomy winter and to the clocks changing and it getting lighter.


- Key colours are light to match the season with the light nights warmer weather and the most popular time for couples to get married. The colours consist of pink, sand, pale blue, white and lime green.


- As the weather changes, clocks change back and the darker nights the colours change to deep red, brown, black, lilac, silver, brown and dark peach. This is reflective to the change of colours on the trees


- Key colours to match the winter are wintery icy colours holly red, emerald green, light icy blue, black and white but in contrast

The seasons will also be a influence to your venue if you’re having a marquee or outside tent do you need heating or vice versa in the summer air con or fans.

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