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Looking after yourself as a bride worldwide

This is a really important and is for couples not just the bride. You must look after you there can be many different factors these are the following:

Healthy Eating

Eating fruit and vegetables and healthy options is crucial for many different reason these are reducing stress levels, maintaining or losing weight before your big day, keeps your immune system working at full capacity and also your skin.

Looking after your skin

I would suggest if you’re going for a facial this should be done at least 6 months before your wedding this will eliminate if your skin will get an allergic reaction you have time to let it calm down and get back to normal.

Use a facewash, toner and moisturiser every day this will keep the skin fresh and balanced and if you don’t want an expensive face routine or facial this will help you have great skin.

Any extra treatments

These would include spray tans, fake tan, and any aesthetics. You should always have a trial run done in plenty of time before your wedding as you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong just before your wedding day. This also includes your hair if you’re going to change your hair colour drastically I would suggest at least 6 months before your wedding to do this as this will eliminate and look that you’re not happy with on your wedding day.

While planning the wedding as a wedding planner would really stress this to any bride and groom because it can be stressful and you need to look after yourself, this applies to the wedding planner planning your wedding so it does work on both sides. The last thing you want to do is wake up feeling ill with a cold on your wedding day.

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