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Purpose of a wedding planner worldwide

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A wedding planner can be vital in your wedding planning. A lot of feedback that comes off a wedding planner is they are expensive and I can do it myself. This may be true in some circumstances but not all. We as wedding planners do a lot for what we charge and it’s more than just sat at a laptop searching. This is part of our job but there is a lot behind the scenes that we do to make your lived easier in what is a stressful process.

Issue no 1

Wedding planners are expensive?

Wedding planners aren’t expensive we are a expense but unlike a lot of couples we actually save you money in the long run. For example: Your vendors a lot of couples are so over run with different jobs and finding the list of vendors for a wedding which isn’t easy, they tend to not find the value for money within what they are trying to find.

This would be a photographer what extras do you get with your package as a wedding planner we would work with trusted photographers and we would be able to either get it cheaper or get more in the package this would be photo albums with x amount of prints or just the package itself cheaper. But we would find a range of photographers and then be able to get the right supplier. This also applies to venues and other vendors.

No 2

I don’t need a planner I can do it myself?

On this point some people can do it themselves however, if you’re a busy couple working on a 9-5 job, when you have worked hard all week you probably won’t want to be viewing 3-4 venues over a weekend or a busy mum who has to deal with the children and there’s no day off for that and taking children to venues or any other vendor it’s not worth the hassle or the stress and you don’t get to enjoy the planning because life can get in the way.

What would happen if something goes wrong as a planner we can rectify these problems but if you’re working and can only communicate with them while you’re at work and you trying to have a dinner break and spending all the time on the phone you will go back to work stressed.

This is why we are at hand to sort out these issues and we have time to go and sort the issues out. We as wedding planners take the stress out of your wedding so you can enjoy the planning with me just without having to think you have 1000 jobs to do and not enough time to do them all in.

What I can tell you is that as a wedding planner we don’t just take over and you have no input we arrange meeting with you and come together and spend a little bit of time checking that there isn’t anything you have changed or want added and you can still do the nice things like picking dresses, suits, trying cake. These are the nice things all with decisions but not as many.

The other added bonus is you have also got a wedding planner with you on the day which means all you would need to do is sit back relax and enjoy your day and let us do the rest. We can do the being in 2 places at once, making sure everything is decorated the way you want it, checking everyone is where they are meant to be. This is done down to perfection because I would have checked timings and sorted everything out in the week leading up to your big day.

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